Building Industry Agnostic IoT Solutions

Digital technologies are changing our world and disrupting our businesses. The Transform Innovate Group can help you navigate these challenging situations. We can help you deliver smart, secure digital solutions to help you transform your business.

Building A Digital Future

Using digital technologies to drive disruption

Solutions designed to work in the cloud can exploit advantages not offered to traditional solutions. Secure, scalable and low cost are all features of our platform solutions.

Our solutions are modular and open. They will operate with existing IT systems not only providing essential new technologies but also adding value to existing investments.

The solutions are all defined with compliance, quality and operational excellence in mind. Every step is monitored. This provides an immediate view on everything that is happening and the insight to see the bigger picture

IoT gives us  autonomous insight. Blockchain provides the security. AI  and machine earning helps us understand and exploit the data. All these technologies can be deployed in our solutions.

The Group


There are 2 companies. The group core IPR and  handle commercial activity for non UK business. The other, UK based, will handle all UK business. 

Develops and markets IoT solutions which provide intelligent asset management solutions for different asset classes which are used by the rest of the group.

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Develops and markets solutions aimed at the digital supply chain. Initial activities will be focused on Loksys International and the Trak-chain platform.

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Develops and market solutions aimed at the digital health. Initial activities will be focused on combining the activities to date with  E-healthcare solutions.

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Market Sectors

Using the ScientiaQ framework, we have built we have already built 3 sector platforms. We are growing the number of sectors.

Configured with the idea of Transport and Logistics with the Digital Supply Chain being the Core Interaction being the visualisation of the movement of freight.

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Configured with the idea that an asset type or group of assets need to be managed as part of a business. The IoT components of the framework are key to the core Interaction which is turning an asset into a smart asset.

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Configured to be Patient centric digital health platform where the core interaction  allows digital health models to be defined and implemented against a patient owned record.

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Uniform Approach

We approach the construction of the Platform and digital solution in a proven consistent way

Every Platform has a primary Interaction

Our interactions are smart and will learn,

It needs to be secure and scalable

Exploiting cloud and blockchain technologies  we have both

It takes place at the edge

Data captured is simultaneously made available to various business services which are managed by the business models

Data driven function to transform business

 Optimising operational processes and improving customer experience

The technology that enables our provision of a hybrid  Internet of Everything (IoE) Platform is called ScientiaQ.

ScientiaQ is a software platform. This Platform builds on the concepts of IoE. This recognises 4 core components, things, people, processes and data.

This conceptual approach allows us to bring together cloud computing and edge computing. It allows us to define data, capture it and use it.

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